Choosing The Right Hold Downs For Your Shade Shed QLD

Hold downs play an important role in securing your structure; whether it be a portable carport kit or a shade shed for caravans. They are components that hold the base rails of a shade shed in place and provide critical support to a shelter. In this blog, QLD Shade Sheds discusses the three main types of hold downs for shade sheds and how they anchor the base rails of the structure.

Saddle and Bolt Set

Although QLD Shade Sheds manufactures shelters that can be installed on almost any kind of ground, if a customer wants to install their shed on a concrete slab, they can do so with saddles and bolts provided by us. The saddles are placed on top of the base rails and bolted to the concrete for stability. Keep in mind that if the concrete slab is less than 125mm thick, you may need additional hold downs.

Concrete Pier Kits

If you do not want to pour a concrete slab just to install a shed, we recommend concrete piers that allow you to cement your footings in place without the need for a foundation. Simply dig the footings to the appropriate depth and width, then locate your pier and cement everything in place.

Ground Anchors

If you are renting or want to ensure your shade shed can be relocated, our concrete free ground anchors are the way to go. . The ground anchor is hammered into the ground with the base rails of the shed and secured with a saddle.

The Benefits of High Quality Shade Sheds 

A high quality shade shed kit should include a variety of hold down options so that you can install and transport your shed anywhere that you want. If you are looking for advice on the type of hold down option you need, contact QLD Shade Sheds today to speak to our friendly team of fabrication experts.

No matter what kind of weather you need protection from, our engineer certified sheds meet the highest Australian standards and include a 10-Year Structural Warranty to protect against severe damage.

Affordable, All Weather Transportable Sheds in QLD 

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