Ensuring Your Car/4WD Fits Our Car Shelter: What to Check

portable car shelter in Australia

At QLD Shade Sheds, we are dedicated to providing you with the ideal solution for your vehicle protection needs through our extensive range of vehicle shelters in Australia. Our commitment is to deliver a perfect fit for your car or 4WD, ensuring that each shelter is tailored to suit the specific dimensions of your vehicle.

Determining the Perfect Size

For a precise fit, measuring your vehicle’s dimensions and the area where you plan to erect the shelter is essential. The key measurements you need are the width (W), length (L) and height at the sides (H). This will ensure that the shelter you choose will accommodate your car or 4WD comfortably.

Customisation Options for Your Car Shelter

Our shelters at QLD Shade Sheds offer customisation to suit your style and needs. Choose from a variety of Colorbond® colours to match your setting. Standard models feature one Colorbond® sheet on the side walls, with options for half or fully-enclosed walls for extra protection. Then, during installation, select from Ground Anchors for a concrete-free setup, Concrete Piers for cement footings or Saddles and Bolts for mounting on a concrete slab, ensuring your shelter fits perfectly in its designated space.

Popular Car Shelter Sizes

Our range of shelters includes several popular sizes to fit various needs. If you need a small single car shelter, a common size is 3m wide x 6m long x 2m sides, with a 2.4m apex. A larger single shelter typically measures 3.7m wide x 6m long x 2.3m sides, with a 2.8m apex. Our double car shelter, at 5.9m wide x 6m long x 2.3m sides with a 3.1m apex, is an excellent choice for those needing more space. Remember, post heights can vary up to 4.0m depending on your specific wind region rating.

Get the Right Fit for Your Car

Need help deciding or want to discuss custom dimensions? Contact QLD Shade Sheds on 1300 5753 742. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal shelter, ensuring your vehicle is perfectly accommodated. Call us today for expert advice and tailored solutions.