Protect Your Machinery with an Australian Tractor Shelter

Tractor Shelter

The Australian climate can be harsh on farm equipment, but the best all-weather shelters ensure adequate protection for your tractor and farm machinery. QLD Shade Sheds specialises in Colorbond® roof shades, sheds and shelters, giving you the durable performance and versatility you need for outdoor storage solutions. Keep reading to learn more about our innovative tractor shelter design and premium quality.

Year-Round Protection for Farming & Machinery

Excessive exposure to the elements, whether it be the sun, wind or rain, will damage farm machinery. Get the most out of your farm equipment by storing it properly under our robust tractor shelter. The simple yet effective open-ended design makes it easy to drive your tractor in and out as well as access any other equipment you need to store. You also get your choice of colour from the stylish Colorbond® standard range for a polished look anywhere on the farm.

Smart Shade Shelter Design & Easy Installation

Our tractor shelters have one Colorbond® sheet on the side walls to start, but may be modified to include half or fully-enclosed side walls if you prefer. You can also take your pick of hold-down options, such as saddles and bolts for concrete slabs, concrete piers for cement footings and ground anchors for a concrete-free installation. With our Easy-Sleeve connection system, you can install it yourself by sliding each part into place and fixing it with the provided screws.

Top Tractor Shelter Sizes

Our tractor shelters are available in widths of 3m to 12m and can be built to any length to suit your needs. Consider one of our most popular tractor shelter sizes:

  • Double shelter – 5.9m wide x 6.0m long x 3.1m sides (3.9m apex)
  • Large tractor shelter – 4.5m wide x 8.8m long x 3.1m sides (3.7m apex)
  • Container shed – various spans

At QLD Shade Sheds, our team is here to help if you have any questions about custom sizing or installing these all-weather shelters for Australian farms.

Discover Australian-Made Solutions From QLD Shade Sheds

If you’re looking for a smart solution for safely storing tractors, pumps, feed supplies and other farming equipment, look no further. QLD Shade Sheds has you covered with the best tractor shelter design, customisable to suit your needs. Contact us online to get started with a new shade shelter today.