Protecting Your Vehicles: Why Shade Sheds Are a Smart Choice

Shade Shed

Shade Shed

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicles, investing in adequate protection is crucial. Harsh weather conditions such as scorching sun, heavy rain and strong winds can take a toll on your cars, boats or caravans. That’s why shade sheds have become an increasingly popular choice in Australia. Here, QLD Shade Sheds, trusted supplier of car shelters, explores why all weather shelters are a smart choice to protect your vehicles.


QLD Shade Sheds offers 100% portable car shelters in Australia. Our car shelters are completely relocatable, and can be easily repositioned on your property or even taken with you if you ever move home.

Robust Structures

Investing in a shade shed from QLD Shade Sheds means investing in our quality, durability and our guarantee. We have engineer-designed and certified our own range of shade sheds and shelters to the highest Australian Standards. Although cheap, imported fabric and metal roofed models are easily available in today’s market, few are robust enough to handle the harsh sun and storms we experience in Australia and can cause considerable third party damage should they collapse or let go. Our structures are constructed using RHS galvanised steel and Colorbond® sheeting and flashing, built to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Protection From the Elements

The Australian climate can be harsh, with intense heat, strong winds and intense storms. QLD Shade Sheds’ all weather shelters offer reliable protection against these elements, shielding your assets from the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing paint fading and interior damage. Our car shelters are certified for wind regions A, B and C and fully backed by our 10-year Structural Warranty. QLD Shade Sheds guarantee a perfect solution to affordable weather protection for your assets.

Modify Your Structure

Our shade sheds are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, making them suitable for various vehicle types and applications. QLD Shade Sheds offers customisable options, allowing you to tailor your shed to meet your specific needs. Each Shade Shed is built to order using RHS galvanised steel and Colorbond® sheeting and flashing, in your choice of colour from their standard range. As a standard, we build our Shade Sheds with one Colorbond® sheet in each side wall, but this can be easily modified to include half and full side walls on one or both sides for added protection.

Protecting your vehicles from the elements is a smart choice, and QLD Shade Sheds has the customisable, relocatable and quality solution for you. Contact us online for your free quote.

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