Protection for your Home Away from Home

Protecting your Caravan, Motorhome or Camper Trailer

Australian’s love a home on wheels!  Whether it’s a Caravan, Motorhome or Camper Trailer your “home away from home” is one of your most valuable assets and should have reliable protection from the elements year-round.

Freestanding Shade Sheds, Carports and Shade Shelters are a great economical alternative to a fully enclosed garage and as they can be positioned almost anywhere on your property with no major excavation works required.  Totally relocatable, they can be easily repositioned or even taken with you if you ever move to a new house.

Here in Australia we can experience the full spectrum of weather extremes from blazing heat to hail stones, sometimes even in the same day, and a quality shelter will provide your vehicle with superior protection from whatever nature throws your way.

Although cheap, imported fabric and metal roofed models are easily available in today’s market, few are robust enough to handle the harsh sun and storms we experience in Australia and can cause considerable 3rd party damage should they collapse or let go.

Here at QLD Shade Sheds we have engineer designed and certified our own range of Shade Sheds and Shelters to the highest Australian Standards.  Each Shade Shed is built to order using RHS galvanised steel and Colorbond® sheeting and flashing in your choice of colour from their standard range.

Certified for wind regions A, B and C and backed by our 10-year Structural Warranty, our Shade Sheds and Shelters offer you the perfect solution to affordable weather protection for your “Home Away from Home”.

Our Shade Sheds and Shelters come in a wide range of spans from 3m to 12m and, as we build to order we can adjust any of our standard lengths and post heights to ensure they are the perfect fit for your individual needs without the costly “custom” pricetag.

We build our Shade Sheds and Shade Shelters with one Colorbond® sheet in each side wall as a standard feature but can easily modify them to include ½, ¾ and full side walls on one or both sides for additional protection if required.

You choose which hold down option best suit your needs (at no extra cost) from saddles and bolts for slab fixing, concrete pier kits or for Shade Sheds under 6m wide our popular ground anchors for a concrete-free installation.  We’ll provide you with all the information and instructions you need to ensure your Shade Shed is laid-out correctly and erected to spec.

Our patented Easy Sleeve connecting system not only offers additional strength and support to the design, they also make installation easy and stress-free.  In most cases all you need is a drill and a ladder and away you go.

Whether it’s a Caravan, Motorhome or Camper Trailer, at QLD Shade Sheds we’ve got you covered every time.  Give our friendly sales Team a call on 1300 QLD SHADE today for a free quote.

caravan shelter
caravan shelter
caravan shelter