Shade Sheds vs. Traditional Structures in Queensland

shade sheds

shade sheds

If you’re interested in adding a structure to your space that will protect a boat or vehicle, or act as a horse shade shelter, you may find yourself with several options to choose from. For some, a traditional structure that requires a builder and the laying of a foundation might be the best investment, while others may be in the market for a more convenient, versatile and lightweight solution. At QLD Shade Sheds, we design portable shade structures that are cost-effective, easy to install and easy to transport. In this blog, we discuss the reasons why our portable shade shelters are superior to traditional structures.

Easy to Relocate

Shade sheds are made from extremely durable, lightweight materials that are easy to store and transport. This allows a client to move, repurpose and readjust their shade shed as per their requirements. Looking to turn a horse shade shelter into a boat shelter? Simply take the structure apart and relocate it in no time at all.

A Great Choice if You’re Renting or Selling

A traditional structure requires the laying of a foundation slab, and a number of other regulations that take time and cost money that you may be unwilling to invest in a property that is not your own. QLD Shade Sheds on the other hand, offers a completely relocatable shelter that is easy to install. Similarly, if you’re thinking of selling your home, QLD Shade Sheds offers car or boat shelters that can be taken with you.

Easy to Install 

Whether it’s a boat shelter or a shed for a 4WD, you can rest assured that your new shade shelter will be easy to install with detailed assembly instructions from our team. Portable shade shelters come with a concrete free hold down option should you wish to install it on grass.

All-Weather, Multipurpose Shade Sheds in QLD 

QLD Shade Sheds manufactures high-quality shelters that meet the highest Australian standards. Each product is made using galvanised steel frames with Colorbond® sheeting. Contact us today to find out how our shade sheds are superior to traditional structures.

shade sheds