The Sunburnt Country

Australia can be described as the Sunburnt Country and for good reason. We are almost in Summer although, let’s be honest many areas of Australia feel like we are in Summer all year around. During these extreme heats many of us experience overs the warmer months ourselves and our belongings are vulnerable to sun damage.

High UV rays will overtime fade the paint of your cars, caravans, and boats.  It’s not just cosmetic damage you need to worry about. Your dashboards can crack, liquids can evaporate, and rubber can melt. Pets and livestock also rely on cooler temperatures to promote heat loss and shade is essential for this, especially for dark-coloured animals that readily absorb heat.

Our Shade Sheds are a great economical alternative to a fully enclosed structures and as they are free standing, they can be positioned almost anywhere on your property with no major excavation works required.  Totally relocatable, they can be easily repositioned or even taken with you.

Our Shade Sheds are made to order in our workshop on the Sunshine Coast. We are proud of our high quality Australian made products, so if you want to protect your goods and furry friends this summer choose QLD Shade Sheds.

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