Tips for Keeping Your QLD Shade Shed in Top Condition

shade sheds

shade sheds

Whether you’re looking for all-weather shade shelters or transportable shade sheds, QLD Shade Sheds has the products you need. Our shade shelters are specially designed to withstand Australian weather conditions and are remarkably easy to maintain. Regular maintenance of a shade shed helps you get the most out of your investment by identifying potentially serious problems early and keeping your shed in excellent working condition even during heavy storms. Read on for maintenance advice for your shade shed.

Maintenance Tips for Your Shade Shed in QLD

QLD Shade Sheds provides customers with a detailed maintenance schedule once their shed has been dispatched. The first maintenance should be carried out three months after installation and, following that, an annual maintenance should suffice.

Nuts and Screws 

The first step is to do a complete check of all nuts and screws used in the structure. Tighten the components if needed, and if some are missing, replacement parts can be purchased at QLD Shade Sheds.

Check Structure 

Inspect your all weather shelter for leaks and cracks, as well as the steel frame. Over time, dents and cracks can appear in a shed and if left unaddressed, can lead to expensive repairs down the road. At QLD Shade Sheds, we are known for providing excellent customer support, so if a client has a concern about their shed, our sales team is always there to help.

Check for Rust

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall, you should look closely to spot any signs of rust on your shed. In case of rust, we recommend sanding down the affected area to remove rust, and then respraying it with a couple of coats of high-quality silver zinc spray for protection against moisture.

Pressure Wash Exterior 

Even the most robust shade shed will experience wear and tear due to dust, debris and other environmental factors. One of the best ways to protect the sturdy exterior of your shed is to regularly pressure wash the shed to dislodge corrosive materials.

Shade Shed in QLD For Residential and Commercial Use 

QLD Shade Sheds delivers custom made shade sheds for a wide range of applications. Our shed kits are designed with easy installation in mind and include detailed instructions for assembly. Contact our team today for transportable shade shed products, shed maintenance tips and more.

shade sheds