Transforming Your Farm with Custom QLD Shade Sheds

One of the biggest challenges faced by a farming operation is creating sheltered, weatherproof spaces in a convenient, cost-effective way. Farms need to protect their harvest, their machinery and also expand or reduce the number of shelters on their property to adapt to changing circumstances. Here at QLD Shade Sheds, our custom shed manufacturing team works closely with Australia’s farmers to provide them with shelters that are reliable and easy to install.

Modify to Suit Your Needs 

The versatility of portable shade shelters is tremendously useful for agriculture professionals. Success in the farming sector requires specialists to make quick decisions in order to solve problems in a timely manner. Need to erect an additional structure on short notice for storing the harvest? Do you need to purchase new machinery and protect it from harsh weather? A shade shed can be installed or modified to keep up with the pace of your farming operation.

Shade shelters can be set up anywhere and are available with several hold down options such as ground anchors for grass as well as saddles and bolts for installation on a concrete slab.

Strong, Affordable Shelters 

Although versatility is important for all weather shelters, the real test of the product is in its ability to withstand extreme conditions while providing unparalleled protection. At QLD Shade Sheds, we manufacture open ended shelters using strong, durable materials that provide an excellent solution for protecting valuable farming machinery from the harsh weather.

Protect Livestock 

Shade sheds are made using high-quality galvanised steel frames, Colorbond® sheeting and come with hold down options for concrete and grass. This allows customers to set up structures that can be extended or reduced in size, and protect large numbers of livestock using shed materials that are stable, durable and non-toxic.

Durable Tractor Shelter For Your Farm

Does your farming operation need portable shade structures or all weather shelters for livestock and machinery? QLD Shade Sheds specialises in building made to order shelters that are certified Wind Regions A, B and C in Australia. Contact our team for sheds delivered right to your doorstep with detailed DIY assembly instructions.

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