When size really does matter, let us find your PERFECT Solution!

Sometimes size really does matter, particularly when it comes to a Shade Shed or Shelter for your property.

Firstly, is it big enough to provide adequate coverage and protection? Be it cars, boats, trailers, campers or caravans, they all come in different shapes and sizes and an off-the-shelf Shelter may not give you the room you need to open your doors without hitting a post or, cover the drawbar as well as the body. It’s important to ensure that your Shade Shed or Shelter has the length and width you need so it is practical, as well as functional, and provides adequate overall protection.

Secondly, is the Shelter high enough? You want to make sure you can drive through, reverse and manoeuvre around inside the Shelter without fear of hitting the corners or catching accessories like aerials, roof racks, air con units and canopies on the roof in the process.

Thirdly, can you add additional elements like side sheeting or panels for added protection from the sun, wind and rain without compromising the integrity of the structure? If the Shade Shed or Shelter has not been designed and manufactured to support additional weight, adding these elements may cause the structure to let go just when you need it the most.

And finally, will it fit your site correctly? Erecting the Shelter too close to an existing fence, retaining wall or building can make installation a painful, fiddley process. Is there a slope or step that will make levelling the shelter difficult? Too long and it may impede on other elements on the site and the functionality of the space. Too short, and we end up back at square one again.

That’s why at QLD Shade Sheds we make all our Shelters to order so we can provide the PERFECT Solution to your individual protection needs.

We have a wide range of spans from 1.8m to 12.2m wide that have been designed to ensure your sheeting fits properly with zero wastage, making it easy to install. Our design can be made to any length and as we make your post height to suit, there is no need for purchasing extra risers to gain the clearance you need. We can even adjust post lengths during manufacturing to account for a slope or uneven ground conditions at the installation site.

At QLD Shade Sheds we have engineer designed and certified our own range of Shade Sheds and Shelters to the highest Australian Standards using RHS galvanised steel and Colorbond® sheeting and flashing in your choice of colour from the standard range.

Certified for your Wind Region and backed by our 10-year Structural Warranty, our Shade Sheds and Shelters offer you the PERFECT Solution for just about any application from carports, caravan and boat shelters to livestock and horse shelters and commercial Shade Shelters.

Our patented Easy Sleeve connecting system not only offers additional strength and support to the design, it also makes installation easy and stress-free. In most cases all you need is a drill and a ladder and away you go.

If you are in the market for a new Shade Shed or Shade Shelter, give our friendly sales Team a call on 1300 QLD SHADE or complete our Free online quote request and see why QLD Shade Sheds is the PERFECT Solution to Affordable All-Weather Protection.