Frequently Asked Questions about our Shade Sheds

Are you looking for some information about our Shade Sheds? We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions from our Customers to help.

Do you have standard sizes?

We do have a standard range of widths however; we can be flexible with the length and height to ensure you get the coverage and clearance you need. You can view our standard sizes here.

What colours do your Shade Sheds come in?

You can pick any colour you like for your sheeting and flashing from the standard Colorbond® range. Read more about Why We Love Colorbond® on our Blog post.

Are your Shade Sheds easy to erect?

Installation is very easy thanks to our Easy-Sleeve Connector System!  Our Shade Sheds have been designed with easy DIY installation in mind, in most cases all you need is a drill and a ladder and away you go.  Check out our Youtube Channel to see just how simple it really is.

Can I collect rainwater run-off?

Absolutely, we offer gutter kits as an optional extra for all our Shade Sheds and they can be colour matched to the sheeting and flashing for a seamless look.

How are they held down?

We have a range of hold down options available for our Shade Sheds, you simply just pick which ever option works best for you. Read more about how to choose your hold downs on our Blog post.

The ground is uneven where I want to put the Shade Shed, does this matter?

Not at all!  We can adjust the post height during manufacture to help you get your Shade Shed as level as possible during installation.

Do you need Council approval for your Shade Sheds?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that for you. We always advise contacting your local council office to find out if approval is needed to erect a relocatable structure on your property.

Where are you located?

We are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland and thanks to our freight partners, we distribute our Shade Sheds Australia wide, right to your door.

Can you get extra sheets for the side walls?

You certainly can.  Our Shade Sheds come with one sheet of Colorbond® on each side wall as standard and we can add additional sheets to either one or both sides to give you the extra protection you need.

Can your Shade Sheds be fully enclosed?

We can manufacture rear walls for our Shade Sheds if you need them however; please note that they are certified as an open-ended structure only and we would not be able to offer you our standard engineering certification if this option is added.

Are your Shade Sheds imported?

No way!  We are PROUDLY 100% Australian owned and our Shade Sheds and Shelters are 100% Australian made to order using quality materials from well known, trusted brands.

Do they come with any warranty coverage?

They certainly do.  We offer a full 10yr structural warranty on all our Shade Sheds and Shelters.

How do I find out what Wind Region rating I need?

We can do that for you.  Just let us know where your property is located, and we will make sure you have the correct Wind Region rating for your Shade Shed.

Need some further information? You can contact our friendly sales team anytime by calling 1300 QLD SHADE or complete our Free online quote request and see why QLD Shade Sheds is the PERFECT Solution to Affordable All-Weather Protection.