Why We Love Colorbond® at QLD Shade Sheds in Australia

Colorbond® are steel roofing panels that are crafted from Bluescope steel. QLD Shade Sheds’ all weather shelters include one Colorbond® sheet on the side walls, as standard. In your choice of colour, each of our shelters can be modified to include half or fully enclosed side walls using Colorbond® sheets. Read on to find out why QLD Shade Sheds highly recommends Colorbond® for shade shelters.


Colorbond® roof sheets can be used across a number of different structures. The sheer variety of colours and styles available makes this an ideal material with which to transform the facade of your structure while protecting it from harsh weather.

Designed For Australia 

Colorbond® is an Australian owned company that manufactures products with the country’s extreme weather conditions in mind. Although Colorbond® is a lightweight material, it is a durable, easy to maintain option and capable of withstanding harsh sun and extreme winds.

Experienced professionals regard Colorbond® as one of the strongest, most advanced building materials available today. For over 50 years, this material has been put to the test in some of Australia’s harshest climates.

Wide Variety of Colours 

Colorbond® is available in 22 attractive colours that you match to suit the aesthetic of your shade shed. Unlike most metal roofs, Colorbond® is more than a functional roof as it can be used to transform the aesthetics of a space.

Lightweight Roofing Solution 

Metal roofs and traditional tiles are heavier than Colorbond® and require labour and time. A Colorbond® roof is significantly lighter than traditional roofing options, which are at risk of absorbing water due to rainfall.

Environmentally Friendly

Colorbond® sheeting is made from materials that are 100% recyclable. With in-built Thermatech technology, these roofs are reflective and prevent heat from penetrating the material itself, making them much more energy efficient than other roofing materials used for shade sheds.

Colorbond® Roofing for Portable Car Shelter in Australia

If you are looking for an affordable, all weather roofing solution for paddock shelters for horses or a portable car shelter, look no further than Colorbond®. Contact QLD Shade Sheds today to find out why all our products are made with Colorbond® sheeting for Australian conditions.

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